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PTSD Treatment Study


Have you experienced: A motor vehicle accident? A natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane)? Assualt? A work-related trauma? Childhood trauma? Fire or burn? 

Do you experience: Unwanted memories? Sleep problems? Nightmares? Difficulty concentrating? Nervousness, jumpiness, or anxiety? Irritability or anger? Depression? Just not feeling yourself anymore? 


We are seeking participants with PTSD for a Phase II Clinical Trial which will test a novel pharmacotherapy for PTSD.


Participants will receive both the medication, SRX246, for 8 weeks and 8 weeks of placebo. Participants will be assessed at baseline and then every 2 weeks until study completion. Adults between the ages of 18 and 65 with symptoms of PTSD that have been present for at least one month may be eligible to participate. Subjects can have experienced any type of trauma to qualify for the study.  The study is free and eligible participants will be compensated for all completed assessments (up to a total of $400).

Study Flyer

Manhattan Offices

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